Crafters Union Rosé 2018 (Can)

Price : $7


January 22, 2019

I’ve tried a few canned wines now and, to be blunt, they have all been terrible. I think there is great potential for the wine can format as a picnic wine – for those times you want something cold, simple and nice – and I’m not aware of any reason why cans should be inferior to bottles in that respect. The problem seems to lie in the wines that are being put into cans, not the cans themselves. This Crafters Union Rosé comes with a very pretty design, which I’m sure sucks a lot of people in. Don’t be one of those people.

The Review: Crafters Union Rosé 2018 (Can)

It smells sweetish. There’s a little strawberry but also a little bit of tartness that seems more industrial than fruity. On the palate, there’s a slightly unpleasant acidity that is only partially masked by the lingering sweetness. There’s more tartness on the finish and overall the wine has a pretty low-quality feel. I think its actually better than any of the other canned wines I’ve tried so far though I’d still run a mile from it.

  • Region: Hawke's Bay

  • Alcohol Percentage: 13%

  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS

Some Thoughts

2 Comments on “Crafters Union Rosé 2018 (Can)
  • Kristen Buchanan

    June 1, 2019

    Where are you paying $7 per can?

    Here, it is $7.99/six pack of 12 oz cans…

    And while I am not a huge fan of the Crafters Union Rose, it isn’t bad and is very drinkable if a little plain and thin. Not too sweet, but also not too dry and acidic as to turn people off. Definitely not a wine drinkers rose, but for the general population I’d say its perfect.

    Crafters Union Red and Pinot Grigio on the other hand….the Red is fanastic(for the price), it’s much harder to make and market a “cheap” red without it being sickly sweet or on the other end of the spectrum tasting like vingegar. Their Red is a very good balance of sweetness and acidity.

    While their Pinot Grigio offering is average in almost every way…it is dry enough to satisfy a “real wine winker”, and a nice amount of acidity without too much of a puckering effect.

    I do think the Rose is my least favorite of the three, with that said it is without a doubt the most drinkable, you could pound these all day in the sun and not even the sweetness(or lack thereof) would stop you.

    But the Red was a surprising treat. I’m sure you can blind taste this against other entry level bottled wine offerings of a similar profile…and very few would pick it out as canned wine.

    Crafters Union offerings would stack up to Bota Box…with Crafters Union having flavor profiles leaning more toward the mass market of course and bota box for people with a more experienced pallet. If you are an experienced wine lover, looking for value without sacrificing anything, I think you’d be better off with black box.

    With that said, Crafters Union, at least in my area, beats even Bota Box on price, by a good margin. And I can confidently is probably the best wine for the money…and I say this as someone who thinks wines like “two buck chuck”(or whatever its called) and Sutter Home are crimes against Humanity…while barefoot has a few, keyword few, offerings that are decent(like their moscato) and yellow tail is absolute garbage.

    But even if you are looking for a red/rose/white wine, which will appeal to someone with a refined pallete but aren’t too pricey…the best are Apothic Crush red, Chloe Rose, and Dreaming Treee….but keep in mind, a good red for a good price is generally harder to find than a decent white.


    • admin

      June 11, 2019

      That’s the price of wines in Australia for you – everything is much more expensive here (also there $A is worth less than the $US, which inflates things as well) 🙂


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