Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais-Villiages 2017

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April 5, 2019

Beaujolais is one of the best regions to look out for if you’re after good value French reds. It’s located just south of Burgundy (actually it’s technically still part of Burgundy though they are generally seen as separate wine regions) but the wines sell for a fraction of the price of its neighbour. Today I’m reviewing what’s probably the most widely available exampl, Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais-Villiages 2017.

The grape variety in Beajolais is Gamay, unlike Burgundy, which is Pinot Noir, but the climate between the regions is similar and so are the resulting wines. The difference is that Beajolais wines generally don’t quite reach the lofty heights of the great Burgundies, though many would say no other wines do. That’s partly what makes Beaujolais better value across the board though – the reputation of the great Burgundy producers lifts the price for all wines in that region, meaning there’s almost no such thing as a good value Burgundy. Beaujolais doesn’t have that problem, and the wines are frequently both high quality and good value.

I wouldn’t put Georges DuBoeuf at the top of the tree for either value or quality in Beaujolais. This is a very big producer, the kind that is always consistent but rarely outstanding. That being said, I usually have a bottle of this particular wine tucked away somewhere. It’s a good, easy mid-week wine that’s readily available. It’s not a bad place to start if you’re looking to try a Beaujolais.

The Review: Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais-Villiages 2017

There’s a pleasant, if simple, nose of cherry and earth here. It’s light-bodied, with a fruity palate and barely discernible tannins. Acidity is in check. No nasty bits. It’s a wine you can drink and enjoy without thinking too much about it. It goes well with many foods too so maybe one to have in mind next time you’ve got company for dinner.

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  • Region: Beaujolais

  • Alcohol Percentage: 13%

  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS
  • First Choice Liquor
  • Vintage Cellars
  • Our Cellar

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