Houghton White Classic 2017

Price : $10


January 25, 2019

You’ve probably tried this before. It might even be your house white, and at the very least you would have seen it on the shelves. Houghton White Classic (formerly Houghton White Burgundy back when we had that silly habit of naming our wines after regions in France) is a bit of a legend in Australian wine, with a pedigree going all the way back to 1937. After 80 years of production they must be doing something right.

The Houghton White Burgundy was the brainchild of winemaker Jack Mann, who oversaw an incredible 51 vintages at Houghton. No wonder they named their top Cabernet Sauvignon after him. There’s no mention of what grape varieties make up this blend but it was traditionally based on Chenin Blanc, which I assume is still the case.

The Review: Houghton White Classic 2017

There’s very fruity nose – lots of apple, passion fruit and pineapple. A nice refreshing acidity on the palate as well that’s supplemented by a little fruity sweetness on the finish. Have I mentioned that its fruity enough times yet? Anyway, its a cracking wine for the price and a perfect counterpart to the equally impressive (for the price) Houghton Red Classic.

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  • Region: Western Australia

  • Alcohol Percentage: 12.5%

  • Liquorland
  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS
  • First Choice Liquor
  • Vintage Cellars

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