JP Chenet Malbec 2016

Price : $7


January 22, 2019

JP Chenet is apparently the biggest selling French wine brand globally and sells more than seven million cases a year. When we think of French wine, we tend to think of the great estates of Bordeaux and Burgundy etc, but the truth is most French people can’t afford those any more than the rest of us can. This range is a good example of the types of wines you’re likely to find a French supermarket – cheap and cheerful. And they certainly are cheap. I picked up today’s wine, the JP Chenet Malbec 2016, for $7. That is pretty good when you consider shipping and taxes.

The Review: JP Chenet Malbec 2016

The nose is much better than it has any right to be at this price. It’s full of classic Malbec aromas like plums, blackberries and even some roses. It’s full-bodied on the palate but surprisingly smooth. The acidity and tannins are in check, apart from a slight drying on the finish. And its packed with fruit flavours. I gave my wife a taste and she just went “wow, that’s lovely”. Not bad for a $7 wine.

  • Region: France

  • Alcohol Percentage: 12.5%

  • Dan Murphy's

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