Luke Lambert Crudo Rosé 2017

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March 19, 2019

Luke Lambert is one of Australia’s great young winemakers. He’s particularly heralded for producing one of the best Nebbiolos to be found outside northern Italy. Not to get off track but that’s quite a feat – Nebbiolo is a very fickle grape and has traditionally only made great wine in Piedmont, particularly Barolo and Barbaresco. Anyway, the point is Lambert has developed a kind of boy-wonder reputation, yet still produces great wines at affordable prices. That’s especially true of today’s wine, the Luke Lambert Crudo Rosé 2017.

This wine is a blend of 80% Shiraz (Lambert uses the French name Syrah) and 20% Nebbiolo and is sourced from the Yarra Valley. The grape juice is fermented with wild yeasts (ie they rely on whatever yeasts are on the grapes and in the environment, rather than adding cultured yeasts, as is the more common practice and is stored and bottled without filtration.

The review: Luke Lambert Crudo Rosé 2017

The nose isn’t particularly interesting, I’ve got to say. There’s some citrus, stone fruit and a little bit of funk but you’ve really got to look for it. No matter, it’s on the palate that this one shines. It’s just so damn smooth. There’s a wonderful, clean line of acidity that’s refreshing but not at all tart. The finish is long and dry. Overall there’s nothing out of place with this wine, nothing has been overdone and there’s nothing missing (save for the nose perhaps).  It’s delicious and very drinkable.

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  • Region: Yarra Valley

  • Alcohol Percentage: 12.7%

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