Maglieri La Brusco

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May 29, 2019

If you are of a certain vintage, you may remember Maglieri Lambrusco. By all accounts, it was hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s, selling around 4 million bottles a year at its peak. Now it’s back, albeit under a slightly different name. These days, Aussie winemakers are banned from using the term Lambrusco, so they’ve made the smallest possible change and dropped a letter. Let’s take a look at Maglieri La Brusco.

The Maglieri brand was founded by Italian immigrant Steve Maglieri in the 1960s. Steve won numerous awards under the brand before selling it at the height of its success to Mildara Blass. Sadly, like so many other Aussie wine brands from the 1990s, Maglieri withered under corporate ownership in the 2000s. Mildara was taken over by Fosters, which made a hash of everything and eventually spun out its underperforming wine assets with the creation of Treasury Wine Estates.

Steve went on to found Serafino Wines with his daughter Maria, building it into a successful business in its own right. He recently got the chance to buy back the Maglieri name, paving the way for the return of his Lambrusco (ok La Brusco).

I’ll be very interested to see how this one goes on the local market. Lambrusco isn’t exactly a trendy wine at the moment, but it has its place. A chilled, sweetish red with a lower alcohol content and a gentle fizz ought to suit quite a few people, I reckon. Great to see a bit more diversity on the shelves.

The Review: Maglieri La Brusco

There’s a big fruity nose here: cherries, plums, blueberries – all that stuff. It’s possibly too big for some though others will love it. There is a noticeable sweetness on the palate along with a slight fizz. The only problem for me is that there’s a dull acidity here that leaves it feeling a little flat. Still, it’s a pleasant, fun drink and would go well on a picnic. It got a big thumbs up from my wife as well, so it looks like we’ll be buying more.

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  • Region: McLaren Vale

  • Alcohol Percentage: 9.5%

  • Dan Murphy's

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