Mascareri Prosecco (can)

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January 22, 2019

With a name like Mascareri Prosecco, you might pick up this wine at the bottle shop and expect it to be Italian. The Dan Murphy’s site seems to think so too, and lists it as coming from Italy. In fact, the label states it’s a Wine of Australia, though the website also says the bottled version of this wine is Italian. So who knows what’s going on there? Mascareri is apparently a reference to the “elite Venetian mask-makers” of the middle ages. Or whatever. Anyway, this is a canned wine, and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’ve been searching, without luck, for a decent quality one of those (see the reviews here and here). Now, I’m not a winemaker, but Prosecco seems like one style that might do well in a can. So maybe, just maybe this one won’t suck.

The review: Mascareri Prosecco

It’s a fairly neutral nose, though that’s typical of Prosecco and nothing to complain about. A sugarysweetness dominates the palate, beating whatever acidity is here into submission. There is more sweetness on the finish before the acidity finally asserts itself right at the end. And when it does arrive, it does so in a slightly unpleasant way, resulting in a wine that is somehow both too dry and too sweet. Overall feels heavy on its feet, rather than light and zippy, which is surely what you want from a Prosecco.. 

Despite all that, this is arguably better, ok less bad, than any of the other canned wines I’ve tried, if only because it’s relatively flavour-neutral. So, if you must have a winein a can, maybe make it this Mascareri Prosecco. Just drink it cold as you can, keep your expectations low and you’ll be ok.

A better idea, of course, would be to ditch the can and buy a nice, good value wine, like these.

  • Region: Australia

  • Alcohol Percentage: 10

  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS

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