Morris of Rutherglen Rare Liqueur Muscat

Price : $80


January 22, 2019

The fortified wines of Rutherglen are some of Australia’s great wine treasures. Of course, we make lots of great wines, but there are few styles we can say are uniquely ours. Hunter Semillon is one, and this is another. Quite simply, no one else in the world makes wines like this. They are extremely rich and very sweet, like drinking liquid fruitcake. Like tawny port and other fortified styles, these wines are made by blending older reserve wines with younger ones. Some of the components in today’s wine, the Morris Rare Liqueur Muscat go back over 100 years. The older wines in these blends add richness and complexity, while the younger ones add freshness to balance it out. If you like fortified or sweet wines then these should definitely be on your radar.

The review: Morris of Rutherglen Rare Liqueur Muscat 

It smells of fruitcake, gingerbread, raw sugar and, actually, grapes. It’s extremely dense and unctuous and pretty much sticks to the glass. On the palate it’s rich, sweet (but balanced) and extremely complex and the flavours continue to develop in the mouth long after swallowing. It kept going for well over a minute. You won’t see too many five out of five reviews from me at this price, but this Morris one more than justifies its score. It’s one of the world’s great sweet wines, for sure.

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  • Region: Rutherglen, Victoria

  • Alcohol Percentage: 17%

  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS
  • First Choice Liquor
  • Vintage Cellars

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