Rieslingfreak No. 5

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January 18, 2019

Rieslingfreak does just one thing and does it well. While it’s common for Aussie producers to work with multiple varieties, Rieslingfreak’s John Hughes maintains a laser-like focus on just one. Starting in 2009, with grapes sourced from his parent’s Clare Valley Vineyard John (who has not directed a single 1980s teen movie) has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most exciting winemakers. Today I’m looking at his off-dry offeering, Rieslingfreak No. 5. Despite working with just one variety, Rieslingfreak produces a range of different wine styles. For instance, there’s the No. 3, which is a classic, intense Clare Valley Riesling and the No. 8, which is made in a sweeter, German Kabinett style. There’s also a fortified wine, a sparkling and various others in between.

The Review: Rieslingfreak No. 5.

There’s lots going on on the nose: Kumquat, dried fruit, some light florals. The palate is just wonderful. It’s at once fruity and tart, dry and sweet. It has impeccable balance, in other words, like all the best rieslings do. That balance carries right on to the finish, which has a pleasant sort of marmalade character. It’s a truly excellent wine. If you like Riesling, this is really worth tracking down.

  • Region: Clare Valley

  • Alcohol Percentage: 10.5

  • Different Drop

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