Santaro Prosecco Spritz

Price : $19


January 24, 2019

This Santaro Prosecco Spritz seems to be a new release. I assume, a version of the Spritz cocktail, though I don’t know for sure what’s in it other than Prosecco. The label contains little information apart from a suggestion to pour it over ice and I couldn’t find anything on Google, aside from an Urban Dictionary definition for Santaro that definitely isn’t about wine.  Anyway, to the wine, if I can call it that.

The Review: Santaro Prosecco Spritz

It smells of oranges and spice, so pretty much like an Aperol Spritz. It tastes like that too: slightly bitter but in a pleasant way. It’s not bad at all. There’s a nice dry acidity and it’s not overly tart or sweet. It’s light and very easy to drink. Also it’s only 8.5% alcohol so it’s a great choice for people who don’t want to drink too much. I had trouble settling on a score because, at circa $19, there must be some pretty large margins built-in here, though it’s also a very enjoyable drink. I reckon you’ll find it on special fairly often though, so maybe wait for an opportunity to buy up big.

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  • Region: King Valley

  • Alcohol Percentage: 8.5%

  • Dan Murphy's
  • BWS

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