Standish Wine Co Lamella Shiraz 2016

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January 21, 2019

There are, broadly speaking, two types of wine in this country: the ones sold by major chains like Dan Murphy’s and Liquorland and the ones that aren’t. These are stocked by smaller, independent and online retailers or sold directly by the winery. The first group is the most accessible and accounts for most of the wine sold in Australia, which is why I have focused soley on those up until now. And that will continue to be the major mission of this site: to help wine drinkers across the country find the best value drops at their local bottle shop. But it also seems silly to ignore the second group, which includes some great, and great value, wines. That includes today’s wine, the Standish Wine Co Lamella Shiraz 2016. 

Dan Standish, a sixth generation Barossan, has been making wines under the Standish Wine Co label for almost 20 years. Critics, especially American ones, have raved about his wines for years. Some even place them near the pinnacle of South Australian Shiraz, alongside much more expensive wines like Penfolds Grange. In fact, this Standish Lamella comes from the vineyard beside Henschke’s Hill of Grace. Still, they remain relatively under the radar and are generally great value, in context.

The Review: Standish Wine Co Lamella Shiraz 2016

What a nose – liquorice, chocolate, blackberries and god I could go on but I’m determined not to write reviews that read like shopping lists. There is a lot going on is the point. But it’s on the palate that this Lamella really shines. The tannins! Oh Lord the Tannins! The way this wine feelson the palate is something special. The mouth is saturated with fine-grained tannins that build towards a very long finish. They are here in abundance but never over-bearing. Certainly there is no bitterness or drying, as can be the case with lesser wines and lesser tannins. The wine is full bodied but somehow manages to remain understated. I wouldn’t pick this as a Barossa Shiraz in a blind tasting. It’s almost closer to a Barolo. It is extravagant yet refined and incredibly well crafted. Like a haut couture dress or a Saville Row suit.

I rewrote that tasing note about three times over the course of the evening. Rarely do I get that excited by a wine. I realise $100 or so dollars is a lot of money to spend on a wine – too much for most – but, really, this can hold its own against wines 5 or ten times the price. If you are looking for a very special wine, you might want to seek this out.

FYI, the Standish range, including this Lamella, werereleased in May last year (2018) and tend to sell out pretty quickly. However, The Summer Hill Wine Shop in Sydney’s Inner west still had half a dozen in stock at the time of writing. They deliver and the link is below.

  • Region: Barossa

  • Alcohol Percentage: 14.5%

  • Summer Hill Wineshop

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